Friday, August 18, 2006

Growing A Garden of Birdseed

The yard is growing well, but many of the perennials are done for the season and others with aspirations of world domination were removed, making me wish I had some annuals to fill up the empty spaces!

These sunflowers grew out of compost laden with birdseed! Resident-lawnmower-man had put the birdseed in the compost (after it got wet and he thought it had gone rotten) and I added the compost to this flowerbed in the spring.

Here's the center raised bed after my "renovations". I am going to add some colorful short annuals to the front next year. I also need to divide the lilies, as they multiply so quickly!

Pictured at right: The pink Digitalis purpura (Foxglove) were started from seed early this year and I am happy to see this late summer bloom.

Pictured at left: The bright pink Echinacea purpura attracts hundred of butterflies and is a joy of the late summer flower garden.


Kandace Groenewegen said...

others with aspirations of world domination were removed

Love it.

The sunflowers are absolutely gorgeous. There is a sermon in there, no??!!

I am bad and ripped our apt. apart trying to find the correct phone number. Call me!!

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