Monday, May 22, 2006

Blackflies Appreciate Me

The uploads were decidedly slow today, as I presume everyone else is uploading their latest gardening photos. This Victoria Day long weekend allowed us to get outside with a cloud of blackflies hovering around our heads to mow the lawn, weed, and admire the greening-up of the yard.

Snow mold leaves large yellow patches in the lawn after the winter, but it seems to revive spontaneously with little effort on our part. The helpful U of SK gardenline website has more info:(

Pictured are (1) Yellow foliage of spirea, purple "Negrita" Triumph Tulips and the resident lawnmower (whose shirt would have looked nicer in a pleasant shade of pink or purple!) (2) Bergenia cordifolia (3) Birdbath and blossoms of a Saskatoon berry bush.

1 comment:

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Hey Now! Photographic evidence in the background! I think I know who you are now. Ha ha.
Beautiful yard! It feels like I am looking at a beautiful B.C. yard....belonging to someone who likes to wear strange head attire.